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Toate drepturile rezervate. Aviatorilor nr. The Romanian real estate market is probably going through one of its best periods. And I am not just referring to residential, which is the field I am working in, but to the real estate market as a whole. New concepts, new generation, often multifunctional, developments that combine office and retail, residential and office or all three segments, occur in each new quarter.

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Without exaggerating, for the first time after the post-December period, Romania seems to be able to generate a reconstruction, a coherent one this time. The drive of this reconstruction?

The highly controversial field of real estate. Of course, the real estate market is not in an ivory tower, it is closely linked to macroeconomics, but except for some fundamental macroeconomic disorders, Romania is stable. With purchasing power which has steadily increased, with a number of dynamic cities that, despite the demographic decline of the country, are developing, Romania still lags behind similar states opțiunile produc 760 la sută terms of real estate infrastructure.

The real need for new concepts, both in the residential field and in retail or office, is so high. Real estate is not about square metres, housing sales, or rentals of surfaces.

It is not even about constructing buildings. It is one of the few fields that leave their mark on the place. All of us who work in this field are people of networking, whether we are developers, brokers, working in intermediation or representation. We have the chance that few other professionals have, that is to fundamentally change the lives of our clients.

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We put our heads together and we use our creativity to solve real problems and find solutions. What defines us is enthusiasm. Few industries have more passionate and dedicated people than real estate professionals. At the same time, we are pragmatic and determined. We have clear objectives, well-established targets, and we operate according to well-structured rules, we are fully consistent in what we do.

And, not at all coincidental opțiuni binare afiliere a job defined by the relationships we build, success in real estate is based on sincerity, reputation and recommendation.

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With a high culture of property, but also with an increasingly strong middle class, to which we add the still old housing stock, the real demand for residential is ensured for a long time to come. With a well-qualified workforce, growing productivity and attractive salaries, the office area still has a lot of potential in the big cities of the country.

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The Romanian real estate market has many years of development ahead. In NovemberThe Times began to print titles in a new font, Times Modern, and after years of large-format publishing, it has switched to compact format since to accommodate the needs of younger readers and commuters. We have produced exclusive printed special reports for The Times and The Sunday Times in the past nine years, annually doing more than 65 such products, covering all areas of interest, from law, finance and technology to business.

All these reports target the elites in the respective environments. This new partnership, with Lion House extends our reach beyond Great Britain. In troubled times, with print sharply declining, we never gave up and continued to believe in the quality of our printed product.

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Raconteur was established with a belief that intelligent, high-class content, produced by professionals and with a top-notch concept, cannot fail. Peste Where do you see Globalworth in the next 5 years? Globalworth was established in as a public company focused initially on the Romanian market and since that time has built up a sizeable portfolio.

As a result of further acquisitions, we have rapidly become the largest office landlord in the country.

These transactions have enhanced our development and portfolio growth. In the near term, we will continue to focus on identifying new opportunities, which will allow us to reinforce our leading position in the region.

Our goal is to be the landlord of choice for well-established multinationals. Also, in a world where innovation is changing our daily lives, integrating new technologies in every pillar of our business remains a priority, from the building development process to the way people interact with and within our spaces.

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Overpeople come to work every day in our buildings, and these people represent the Globalworth community. And for them we have developed Globalworth District, a cultural initiative that aims to promote the young generation of Romanian artists through emerging technologies and include employees working in our offices as part of the process. This has resulted in three amazing art exhibitions, where employees have interacted with exhibits through augmented reality, virtual reality, oversized installations and video mapping.

We expect this kind of activity to become a feature in the future and we will closely follow this trend to see how it might change the way we interact with office spaces.

Belonging is a human need, we all desire to be part of a group, whether it is family, friends or co-workers. What projects are you currently developing in Romania?

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We have two active developments in Bucharest under construction - Renault Bucharest Connected and Globalworth Campus and we continue to expand our Timisoara logistics platform by starting on the construction of the second phase of our Timisoara Airport Park TAP project.

We also started the construction of Tower 3, which will be delivered next year, and crypto trading bot github python will add an additional leasable area of 35, sqm to the office complex.

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By the end ofthe project will integrate one of Bucharest's largest conference centres, developed to the highest market standards. On completion, Globalworth Campus will comprise three main office towers offering 92, sqm of leasable area and parking spaces. The project will have a total leasable area of 47, sqm of class A offices and will also include a showroom, 1, parking spaces, an amphitheatre with places for internal and external events, a restaurant and a medical office.

In the beginning ofwe will start the construction of Globalworth Square on the land plot located between our Opțiunile produc 760 la sută Plaza and Globalworth Green Court projects.

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Our aim is for Globalworth Square to become the most technologically advanced and opțiunile produc 760 la sută office building in the market. Later in the year, we also plan to commence the construction of the fourth building in the Globalworth Green Court complex, which will meet the standards of the existing three, both architecturally and in terms of quality and energy efficiency.

Do you intend to acquire other projects in Romania? We saw that during the last two years Globalworth has been focused on acquiring land plots for project development, after a period of acquiring many real estate projects.

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Which are the factors that led to this change in your approach? Our priority is to expand our footprint through both acquisition and developments, so long as these create a strong sense of community suited to the needs of a dynamic workforce, as well as maintaining capital discipline and a prudent capital structure as we seek to maximise returns for our shareholders.

We continue to work intensively to source new opportunities and facilitate further growth in our two core markets, Romania and Poland. We are exploring the potential for similar accreditation for other properties in our portfolio, both standing and development projects. Globalworth has a portfolio which has reached a value of 2 billion euro, mostly comprised of office buildings.

The Times | Investing in Property by Lion House Media - Issuu

Our focus, however, remains on investing in standing or under-development office properties, which can subsequently be actively managed by the company. In recent years, Romania has been a top beneficiary of multinational companies operating and looking to expand or relocate. A significant stimulus to the Romanian economy has been the grants and subsidies made available following its EU accession in The country is currently in the second phase of its funding programme, with c.

This strong economic backdrop is supportive of the real estate markets, alongside the structural expansion of many multinational tenants which continue to be attracted to the region by a young, educated and ambitious labour force, as they expand their operations. Opțiunile produc 760 la sută is a key driver of demand for the office and industrial real estate sectors on which we focus.

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In turn, investor interest has also been increasing. In our view there is still room for further yield contraction, supported by continued economic expansion and while property yields remain higher opțiunile produc 760 opțiunile produc 760 la sută sută those of more mature real estate markets.

Do you intend to expand in other areas of Bucharest, or in other cities in Romania? The highest concentration in our portfolio, both in terms of the number of assets and by value, is in the new Central Business Prima opțiune dreapta CBD of Bucharest, where we have ten standing properties and additional development projects. We are committed to having a portfolio of high-quality real estate properties and providing both our tenants and their employees with the best possible product.

Class A energy-efficient properties, which are easily accessible by public and opțiunile produc 760 la sută transport, are in firm demand and command low vacancy rates and stable rents, so these are the main criteria when choosing where to expand our portfolio.

We are always looking for new opportunities which match our strategy.

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Both Romania and Poland are performing strongly and have a positive macro outlook, which impacts on the real estate sector. Their need for workspace, at a time of low unemployment, is driving demand for high quality space which will attract and retain employees. If we compare Romania to the other countries in the region, including Poland, the availability of quality product is still relatively low, but improving.

Class A energy-efficient office properties, which are easily accessible by public and private transport and combine high-quality space with other amenities, are in firm demand and maintain low vacancy rates and stable rents. The Polish market is more mature. Due to the financial crisis, the benefits to the Romanian market have only relatively recently become apparent.